I’m back!

I’m baaack! Goodness, where does the time go? I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted anything here, it’s just been a busy, busy time! I’m happy to report that J made it back safely from his vacation in the States and brought back with him a plethora of delicious goodies from home. Cheez-Its and Red Vines and Reese’s, oh my! He also returned with nearly 10 pounds of my delicious, can’t live without, Tillamook Cheese! Seriously! When we started dating, I introduced him to my beloved Tillamook (the best cheddar in the WORLD, in case you didn’t know! Seriously, the Gold Standard in Cheddar. I mean have you tried it yet?? And no, they don’t pay me to say that! ) and he was instantly hooked. I haven’t had the pleasure of taking him to the Tillamook Cheese Factory hopefully I’ll get him to the source of the deliciousness eventually. But really, they don’t sell my yummy cheese here, so whenever one of us is home, we bring back cheese. This time I have Medium Cheddar AND Pepper Jack. I know, I know, I’m spoiled!Also, I’m happy to report that as expected, the magical kitchen elves returned from vacation on the SAME day as J.  So there aren’t any dirty dishes in the sink and the trash has begun to take itself out again. Hooray! Love my kitchen elves *wink, wink*.

Like I said though, time has been flying by! We’ve been so busy! Quick recap. Took a little trip to Istanbul. That was eventful. In fact it was so eventful…that J broke his hand while we were there! We thought that it was just sprained or jammed but then on the flight home it got super swollen and purple! So he headed to the doc and surprise! It’s broken! So then he had to have surgery to have some pins placed in it, and hey, guess what, in this country they don’t believe in pain relief. Yeah, no joke, they gave him 500mg of tylenol coming out of surgery. It wasn’t a fun experience. But Turkey was fun! And I’ll share that with you in another post soon!
So as soon as J was starting to feel better… I went and got super sick. Like seriously on lock down sick. Which means, in short, there hasn’t been a lot of cooking going on lately. Not t say I haven’t done any cooking. We made a pizza for dinner tonight, lol with dough from a can. It was, well, the toppings were good! But it was kind of like eating a pizza on a biscuit. Oh and J made me some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches on some garlic bread from the french bakery. And he only needed my help to butter the bread! Yum.

Anyhow! Hopefully things have calmed down now and I’ll be able to post some delicious stuff for you soon!

Happy Eating!

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