Where not to leave your engagement ring

What is the first thing you do when you come home from work? I have to have a routine, mostly because if I don’t I lose things. J has been really good at pointing this out to me. For example, when I’m running late for work in the morning and I’m frantically running through our flat yelling “Have you seen the car keys?” He will calmly point out to me that if just put them in the same place everyday, they would be easy to find. Simple, right? It’s not that I’m a disorganized or messy person. It’s just that I have a very short attention span. Easily distracted. So when I get home I usually have a million things running through my mind that I want to accomplish right this second.
Having a routine helps with this, but sometimes I still get side tracked. I’m getting better though, I swear. Everyday when I come home now, first I put my lunch bag back in the kitchen and empty out the dirty dishes. Then I put my car keys on the table by the front door and my school bag in the bedroom by the dresser so O can’t go digging through it. Then I take off my jewelry for the day. My bracelets and necklaces go on the pretty blue dish and the big sparkly ring goes back in its little box and then I can go about relaxing and enjoying the day.
I feel like most people are divided on this. Do you take off your engagement or wedding rings when you get home? I understand the school of thought that if you take it off you’re more likely to lose it. But it’s hot in the desert and my fingers swell like little sausages so I get home and it comes off. It stays cleaner this way too. Have you ever tried to clean dried dough or eggs out of the little crevices on a ring?? Or for that matter dried dough off of anything? There’s a reason they use flour and water to make paste! It sticks, for like, ever!
The other day I came home and was in a hurry to get into the kitchen. I think I was making pizza dough for dinner, some kind of dough. And I’d skipped the remove jewelry step and was about to plunge my hands into a bowl of sticky, flour-ry dough and get to kneading when I realized I still had on the big sparkly ring. Ooops. Dilema…do I stop what I’m doing, wash my hands, head back to the bedroom and put the ring away? Or do I just wiggle it off and plop it on top of my kitchen notebook on the counter?
I chose the latter. J didn’t seem to amused however when he came in to check what I was cooking and noticed it, plopped there on the counter, surrounded by flour and other impending goo.
However, once he pointed this out, I thought it was a really pretty picture. But probably not the best place to put your engagement ring. Particularly if you’d like to remain engaged.

Happy Eating!

Hell in a Hand Basket!

Oh my goodness. Today was def one of those days. Everything has gone to hell in a hand basket. Growing up my mom used to always say that when things got too hairy. Things were always going to hell in a hand basket. I’m not sure why they were traveling in a hand basket, a nice tote or a lovely purse might have been a better way to travel. I suppose if you’re going to hell though you aren’t overly concerned about the mode of transportation or your luggage.

The day started with bad news. One of our teacher’s has flown the coop. A family emergency took her out of the country two weeks ago and we were expecting her return today but instead there was an email letting us know that she wouldn’t be returning. Ouch. Of course, I hope that everything is okay and I’m sympathetic that she is having a rough time, but still, ouch. Being down a teacher is never fun.

That was just the beginning. Some lovely gentleman showed up to work on the bell system. I’ I don’t know if that works on a timer or if a person rings it…but apparently it needs to be repaired. And this meant that it rang about every ten minutes for the whole first period of the day. Which meant that another teacher decided to release her students when she heard a bell. About 15 minutes into first period which happpens to be my prep period. So 20 girls showed up to my class 30 minutes early. And then grades are due today and of course the server that we input them in wants to crash every ten minutes so people are stressed. And then at the end of the day my classroom was invaded by a team of people who wanted me to prep the room for standardized testing that starts Sunday. Like, right now. In the middle of my class. So the tables have to go (yay!) and desks have to come in. And they have to be lined in rows. And then stickers have to be attached to desks. And then everything has to be removed from the walls or covered. And I’m supposed to be teaching!!!

So it was definitely one of those days where I needed to come home and work it out in the kitchen. Some good old fashioned dough kneading stress relief followed by a yummy dinner. I made these delicious pumpkin ravioli (and destroyed the kitchen in the process).

But while I was waiting for my pasta dough to rest, I decided to go run it out for a bit. And I totally forgot about the produce that I’d picked up on the way home. And to close the kitchen door. And O decided to that she likes apples. She’s been taking all sorts of liberties since J left for vacation. Oh will she be in for a world of hurt when he gets home!

I’ll share the ravioli recipe with you tomorrow. Now I’ve gotta go wash dishes…again!

Happy Eating!